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Realistic by Jesse Isley
Introducing: Ali Dee
Introducing: Andrew St. James
CMA Fest 2013: Lee Greenwood Interview
Ben Wells announces the 2013 "Untuck Ya Shirt" Tour
Michael Cosner reminds everyone to "Stay Country"
Jay Dirks EP Review
CD Review: Spinning My Wheels by Ricky Young
Review: Jacob Stiefel & The Truth EP
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By KalynJacobs on 7/30/2015 4:16 PM
Guitar slinger Jesse Isley has finally stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight, debuting this cleverly written and craftily produced debut record that succeeds at showcasing a “realistic” picture of who Isley is.  

Isley, whom grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, has spent years as lead guitar support in various touring artists, most recently and notability Grammy Award nominee Will Hoge, and has crafted out a name for himself as a studio session player around Nashville. Isley’s debut and appropriately titled record Realistic succeeds at giving listeners a realistic view as to who Isley is as a singer, a songwriter, and as a musician. Isley showcases his superb talent as a musician, which isn’t surprising - as that’s his wheel house, but it’s his voice that truly surprises. His voice captivates you; it’s as if you are seated front row, to your own private concert. He has clarity and smoothness, but what truly gets you is when he digs down deep in his wheel house and a raspier sound comes across. He has a style that reminds me of Kenny Loggins, but with freshness… and a little more edge.     

By KalynJacobs on 8/5/2014 5:43 PM
One of the best things about CMA Fest week in Nashville, is getting introduced to all of the talented independent country music artists. It’s during this week fans get the chance to not only hear new talent but also get the opportunity to chat with the future of country music, and I had the opportunity to do just that. While walking the exhibit hall, I was introduced to the beautiful and extremely talented Ali Dee. 

Ali Dee is a jack of all trades. This Texan country singer/songwriter, also proudly owns the title of television host, on-screen personality, and fashionista. Ali has become a regular television presence as a TV and arena host for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, country music fans probably recognize her from the popular CMT television show Texas Woman, in which she stared in for two seasons and had three of her original songs featured. 

Ali counts the CMT television show Texas Woman, as being a major sparkplug to her career, due to not one, but three of her original songs featured in the...
By KalynJacobs on 7/1/2013 3:55 PM
Grammy Award winning recording artist and author Lee Greenwood, is an American country music artist best known for his single “God Bless the USA,” a patriotic song that celebrates its 30th anniversary, is still arguably one of the most recognizable and played songs in the world. Now, Greenwood adds “writer” to his long list of talents. His second book, titled Does God Still Bless the USA: A Plea for a Better America offers Greenwood’s personal insight into challenges faced by our country now and in the future. 

During the 2013 CMA Music Festival in Nashville I had an opportunity to sit down with Greenwood to talk about his music, his book, his new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, and what fans can expect in the future. It was an honor for me to get to spend a few minutes with him.

This is what we had to say:...
By KalynJacobs on 6/11/2013 7:39 PM
Featured Artists - 6.12.13: Native Run, Heather Morgan, Justin Adams, Steevie Steeves (of The Devious Angels) andLewis Brice, presented by Ashley L. Evans.

Join us for:

"Sounds Music Industry Night" at Greer Stadium, home of the Nashville Sounds AAA Baseball team 

Discounted Ticket Link:


Username: AEvans Password: Sounds -------- We thought it was appropriate to play a little game called “Get to Know the Artists” with some of...
By KalynJacobs on 3/18/2013 6:19 PM
Since his debut single “Get Down” was released to iTunes, which I might add debuted in the top 40, rising country music singer/songwriter Ben Wells has been on fire. He has seen his debut album reach #25 on the National Country Charts and has a fan base that continues to grow (he has over 9,000 followers on facebook alone). Ben Wells continues to turn heads in country music and it’s his buddying talent that has led him to two game changing opportunities!3

Recently it was announced that Wells gained a dream partnership, one that is not only a dream of his but also that of his lead guitar player Stephen DeLoach. They recently announced a new endorsement and partnership with legendary guitar retailer/accessory company Ernie Ball. Ernie Ball not only endorses country greats such as Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney, but also extraordinary...
By KalynJacobs on 3/10/2013 3:15 PM
   BHP Recordings artist Michael Cosner began performing when he was 7 years old, when he used to play a song or two with his father’s band, The Honky-Tonk Goodtime Band. Cosner’s early years were filled with music by artists George Jones, Gene Watson, Johnny Paycheck, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and others. This provided the foundation from which his musical identity would form in later years.  In 1998, Cosner became lead singer and front man for a very successful regionally touring band called Native Son. It was during this time Cosner started learning skills and tools to be a great entertainer as well as a vocalist. By 2001, Cosner ventured out and started the journey of becoming a solo artist. It’s a journey in which he’s teamed up with hit songwriter/producer Byron Hill and in September of 2012, Cosner released his debut EP “Stay Country”.

By KalynJacobs on 2/24/2013 1:48 PM
   While some may be a singer, a songwriter, a guitar player, or music producer, Jay Dirks can do it all.  At the young age of 7, Dirks started playing the piano and a couple years later he progressed to the guitar. It wasn’t long till Dirks started singing and playing songs he heard on the radio and during his freshman year in high school he formed his first band. In 2001, at the age of 18, Dirks joined the U.S Army Infantry and spent four years on active duty – two years of those on deployments to the Middle East. He soon found comfort in music and became a popular form of entertainment for his fellow troops. He got out of active duty in 2005 and immediately formed a country band in Austin Texas called Jay Dirks & The Old No. 7’s. In 2009, Dirks took the leap and started pursuing a solo career focused solely on his singing and songwriting. Dirks, recently released a four track EP that will be followed by his debut full-length record in 2013. 

By KalynJacobs on 2/5/2013 5:57 PM
Raised in Columbia, SC, Ricky Young has traveled a long and winding road to Nashville.  As a former University of South Carolina alum and baseball player, he spent five years in the minor leagues before taking on music full time. In 2011, Young was discovered by a Grammy-winning producer while performing at a cancer benefit; the two hit it off and started working together on Young’s new album.  The album is a collection of 16 songs with cuts by chart-topping songwriters Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Jeffery Steele and many more.    


The album is strong from start to finish and includes a flawless recipe of emotionally charged ballads and rocking party anthems. I’ve noticed that many country-rock artist and bands have a tendency to record albums that contain tracks that all sound the same. Young has separated himself from those artists and produced...
By KalynJacobs on 1/30/2013 3:40 AM
When asked to describe his music, Jacob Stiefel’s answer is simple, “raw”.  Born and raised in Alabama, less than an hour from the Tennessee line, Stiefel started singing at a young age and picked up his first guitar before the age of ten.  It wasn’t until college that playing music became an occupation, as Stiefel started playing gigs at bars, frat parties, before/after football games.  While his style of music is unique, it’s a blend of southern rock, country and blues.  In February of 2012,  Stiefel released his debut record, a 6-track EP that show’s his raw, versatile style that continues to turn heads.  


The EP features six tracks that really reveal who Stiefel is as a singer, as a musician, and as a person.   Kicking things off is a guitar heavy, toe tapping song called “Good On Me” that showcases the country side of...
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