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Show Review: Buck Sixx at Mickey Roo's in Franklin, TN

Jul 23

Written by:
7/23/2012 1:33 PM  RssIcon

   After months of wishing and hoping to get a chance to see, rising country music band, Buck Sixx live, the stars aligned and I was able to attend their show at Mickey Roo’s Texas BBQ in Franklin, TN Saturday night.  It was a show that I’ve marked on the calendar and anticipated since the date was made public, and let me say it was well worth the wait. 

   I had the honor of reviewing their debut record back in June of this year, a review in which you can read under the archives on the left hand side.  It’s a record that is extremely strong and really blew my mind.  Knowing I’d be able to hear the fantastic tunes and stellar vocals by lead singer Dustin Craig in person, I was anxiously awaiting to see if what I heard on the record matched what I heard in person.  My expectations were not only met, but blown out of the water.  Now I know it’s cliché to say this, but Buck Sixx is a band that is better live then on a cd. 

   Dustin Craig’s vocals are something rare and I mean that in a good way.  While many singers struggle at finding a perfect blend of rock and country, Craig finds that mixture seamlessly and effortlessly.  It’s a mixture that creates a sound that is honest and pure, which allows for the emotion of each song to accurately and successfully sound through to listeners.  While Craig has the “lead singer” titled after his name, it doesn’t mean he’s the forefront of the group.  The backing singers/musicians hold their ground both vocally and musically and prove they are just as valuable as Craig is.  The group as a hole does a great job of showing the audience the talent each member possesses.

   One of the highlights for me was when they sang their song Never Surrender.  It’s a song that jumped at me the first time I heard it on their record, as it’s a powerful song that truly touches listeners.  Hearing Buck Sixx sing it live was breathtaking.  Dustin Craig sang the heck out of the song and only strengthens his case as having a hell of a voice.  I watched from a table outside, as the restaurant was full, and even from my distance I could see Craig not just sing the song but preach to the audience to Never Surrender no matter what gets thrown at you.  Craig’s backing crew contributed to the sound and the emotion, without them, the song wouldn’t pack the punch that it does.    

   When you listen to a band’s record, typically you can only hear the lead singer and immediately think he’s the star of the group.  One of the neat things about seeing bands live, is you get to hear each member of the group as an individual.  Attendees got the treat of seeing and hearing just how talented each member of the group is.  About halfway through the set list, Dustin Craig took a quick break and allowed for the rest of the group to step into the spotlight, a moment that was nice to see and allowed for attendees to see the band as a whole and not just a band with a stellar lead vocalist. 

   Buck Sixx is truly one of the best up-and-coming bands I’ve ever seen.  Their sound and vibe is truly their own and is one that is needed in country music.  It’s a sound/vibe that is unique from what you hear on the radio, but in a way that is fan friendly.  If you ever get a chance to see a live show, be sure to jump on every occasion.  It’s one thing to hear a record and love the songs, but seeing the band in person and hearing the stories behind the songs and the passion they sing with is something that truly makes this group great.  I’m anxiously waiting the next time I’ll be able to see these guys live, as it was one of the best nights I’ve had since moving to Tennessee.  Thank you Buck Sixx for putting on a stellar show and thank you Mickey Roo’s for being a great place to watch a great band.  Be sure to pick up Buck Sixx’s record, which you can find on iTunes.  For more information on Buck Sixx please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buck-Sixx/172372822869865

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Re: Show Review: Buck Sixx at Mickey Roo's in Franklin, TN

I wasn't able to see them at Mickey Roo's but I have been lucky enough to see them elsewhere. They are so great. I love them all. They each have a rare talent that brings them all together. I listen to their music daily. I am so excited for them and wish them much success.

By Dedra Gray on   7/24/2012 8:50 AM

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