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By KalynJacobs on 4/2/2012 12:18 PM
   Rossell performed another stellar, acoustic show live on Sunday evening.  The show lasted approximately 45 minutes and contained a healthy mix of new sons and cover songs.  Rossell fans should be excited to hear that he currently has half of the new record tracked and will be heading back to the studio shortly to track the other four songs.  Among the new songs he performed were two he’s never performed on StageIt, they include “Bob Seger Song” and “You Can’t Hold A Piece Of Heaven”. 

   Rossell informed listeners that “Bob Seger Song” is one that he’s pitched and sent to Trace Adkins in hopes he records it for his upcoming record.  It’s a song that would be a perfect fit for Adkins deep country voice, as the song is a flashback to a relationship progressing while a Bob Seger song was playing on the car radio.  It’s a song that...
By KalynJacobs on 3/5/2012 3:04 PM
On February 26, 2012 rising star Mitch Rossell hosted a live, sold out concert on (  For those who aren’t familiar with StageIt, it’s a website that hosts many different live streamed events for artists both unknown and well known.  Stage It requires viewers to pay for notes, $1.00 will get you 10 notes, in return viewers use notes to pay for a ticket to a show and they can use their notes to tip artists during shows.  It’s a wonderful site for up-and-coming artists to use to reach and gain fans across the country.

Mitch informed viewers that he’s heading back into the studio to start work on creating a brand new EP filled with new tunes to be released at a later date.  He asked for patience, as creating an independent record is a journey that takes time and money...
By KalynJacobs on 2/27/2012 11:24 AM
      Mitch Rossell is a 25 year old singer/songwriter that hales from the state of Tennessee.  He was born and raised in Chattanooga, but currently calls Nashville home.  It was Mitch’s best friend, his late father, who first introduced music to him at a young age.  After high school, Mitch turned down the opportunity to play golf at the college level and took his first step in pursuing his dream of becoming a country music singer/songwriter.  It was at this time, Mitch learned how to play the guitar and shortly thereafter he penned his first song.  After his freshman year of college, he met hit songwriter Mark Gray.  Mark became a mentor for Mitch, assisting him transforming a good song into a great song.  Shortly after meeting Mark, Mitch meets Jake Caldwell, drummer for Nashville recording artist Phil Vassar.  Jake gathered up a few of his music buddies and together they...
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