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By KalynJacobs on 6/6/2012 1:07 PM
   Growing up on a farm in the southern Minnesota town of Comfrey, Angela Hesse was always involved in piano, dance, 4-H, and every sport possible.  While enjoying singing karaoke, making up songs and dances moves, Hesse credit’s seeing the music video at age five for “Any Man Of Mine” by Shania Twain as the moment when she knew she wanted to be involved with music.  Hesse recently released her debut single off her forthcoming debut record. 

   “Hot Summertime” is a self-penned tune, produced by music row veteran Gene Higgins.  It’s a fun, summer time song that celebrates the joys of summer and all that it brings.  The song does a nice job of showing Hesse is more than a pretty face, she actually has a nice tone and feel to her voice.  It’s a song that is radio friendly and is a great song to turn on when having a summer time party with your friends.  Hesse’s voice has a Sara Evans with a splash of Martina McBride feel to it, it’s a combination that creates a fresh new sound that country fans are sure to love. 

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